1. Copy one of the commission links in the box below.

2. Replace the red CLICKBANKID text with your own Clickbank ID.

3. If you want a tracking ID, replace the red TRACKINGID text with your own tracking id.

4. Test your link by pasting it into a new browser tab.







ARTICLE – The Ultimate Career Path Is… Having Conversations?!:



ARTICLE – Use Your Relationship Skills To Earn More Than Your Job:



ARTICLE – Why Simple Conversations Might Just Be Your Ultimate Career:




Frequently Asked Questions

Which landing page should I use?

There are many factors to consider when selecting landing pages. Traffic source, promotion rules, and the audience’s level of interest. Here are some basic guidelines to consider before choosing.

Are there any rules you must follow with your particular traffic source?

Make sure you select a landing page that obeys all of your traffic source’s rules. For example, some platforms may not allow a landing page which includes only a video.

Has the traffic been prepared for the offer?

Cold traffic with little preparation for the offer will probably do better on a page that is less focused on sales. You might consider the article or VSL + text pages. This is a good way to warm the user up. See the image above.

Also, keep in mind that the video sales letter is extremely powerful in making sales, however it works best when users know they are being sent to a video presentation.

Can you use multiple landing pages?

Yes, some affiliates have seen great success by using multiple landing page types in a row.

This can be done with email lists or traffic retargeting. You could start with the article selection page, move to the video sales page, and finally test the brief letter & sales page.


What if I’m still not sure which landing page to use?

If you don’t know which page to use, its best to use the default video sales letter. This page has been tested the most and has earned its rank as the top landing page. 

What is a hoplink?

A hoplink is your personalized commission link. it contains your ClickBank ID, and ensures that you get a full commission for anyone that clicks on it.

You can click here to create a hop link.




What is a Clickbank ID?

Your Clickbank ID is what gives you credit when you promote our products. It’s how you get paid.

You can get a Clickbank ID by signing up with Clickbank.com. The Clickbank ID is also sometimes called the affiliate ID or nickname. In either case you use it to sign in at Clickbank.com

Your Clickbank ID must be 5-10 letters and/or numbers.

If you don’t have a Clickbank ID but want to promote our products you can signup here to get one.



What is a tracking ID?

A Tracking ID is an alphanumeric string of up to 100 characters, including numbers, lowercase letters, and underscores, that you can add to the end of a HopLink. Your Tracking IDs are visible only to you as the affiliate.

When a customer follows a HopLink with a Tracking ID, and when they purchase a product, the Tracking ID is linked with those events. You can use tracking IDs to differentiate between different sources of traffic and compare your promotional methods.

For example, let’s say you’re promoting the same product on a blog, in a forum post, and on Twitter. You could use three different Tracking IDs with the same Clickbank account and this would help you track each medium.

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What if I need help?

Feel free to reach out to us anytime at [email protected]