Hooks & Angles for Marketing

Do you like to write your own promos? Do you need inspiration for paid traffic headlines or descriptions?

We’ve got you covered with our offer hooks and angles!

Below you’ll find several compelling angles to lead into the Called to Coach video sales message.

Feel free to use them as inspiration for crafting your affiliate promotions.

1: The “Purpose Rediscovery” Angle

* Sales Hook: “Unlock Your Hidden Brilliance and Redefine Your Life’s Purpose!”

* Angle: With so many women feeling trapped in societal norms, the opportunity to rediscover one’s unique purpose and make it profitable is revolutionary.

* Big Idea: A comprehensive guide to self-discovery, with proven results of women just like you making up to $10k a month. A transformative journey from feeling lost to finding and monetizing your true calling.

Affiliate Copy Suggestion:

“Ever felt that there’s more to life than what meets the eye? Discover how women are redefining their purpose, breaking free from societal chains, and earning while doing so. Unlock your brilliance now!”

Short Headlines:

  • Unlock Your Hidden Brilliance!
  • Redefine Your Life’s Mission!
  • Turn Passion into Profit!
  • Discover. Redefine. Earn!
  • Find Purpose, Find Profit!

Long Headlines:

  • Rediscover Life’s Purpose and Transform into Profit!
  • Women Worldwide: Turn Your Passion into Paychecks!
  • From Lost to Living a Purpose-Driven, Profitable Life!
  • Transformative Guide to Monetizing Your True Calling!
  • Where Passion Meets Purpose: Discover Your Earning Power!

Bullet List of Benefits:

  • Reconnect with your authentic self and gain financial freedom.
  • Transform passions into profit channels while helping others discover theirs.
  • Step-by-step monetization guidance that anyone can follow.
  • Join a community of purpose-driven women who will support you to success.
  • Proven strategies for up to $10k/month and more.

Short Description:

  • From feeling lost to earning big – redefine and monetize your true calling.
  • Dive deep, unearth passions, and pave your profit path.
  • Realign, redefine, and reel in the rewards of true purpose.
  • Breathe new life into passion. Spark purpose, reap profits.


2: The “Empowerment Through Sharing” Angle

* Sales Hook: “Your Life’s Story is Someone’s Awaited Answer – Share It, Impact Lives, and Profit!”

* Angle: Every woman has a unique journey, an unparalleled story. By sharing it, not only can she impact lives but also carve out a profitable niche for herself.

* Big Idea: The perfect blend of self-awareness, empowerment, and financial strategy. This guide teaches women to leverage their personal stories into a profitable coaching business, with no prior experience.

Affiliate Copy Suggestion:

“Did you know your personal journey could be the key to someone else’s breakthrough? Dive deep, share your story, make an impact, and earn – all at once. Discover the secret today!”

Short Headlines:

  • Share Stories, Impact Lives!
  • Your Tale, Their Breakthrough!
  • Empower, Share, Earn!
  • Unlock Earnings from Experiences!
  • Your Journey’s Worth Sharing!

Long Headlines:

  • Turn Your Life’s Journey into a Profitable Tale!
  • Empower Thousands by Sharing Your Unique Story!
  • Your Experience: The Next Big Coaching Blueprint!
  • Transform Personal Stories into Income Streams!
  • Empower, Impact, and Profit from Your Life’s Tales!

Bullet List of Benefits:

  • Harness the power of your personal story to gain financial freedom on your own terms.
  • Influence and inspire countless women and get paid well to do it.
  • No experience needed to start profiting from this step by step process.
  • Transform lives while securing your financial future.
  • Learn to craft impactful, sellable stories.


  • Share your story, change lives, and carve a profitable niche effortlessly.
  • Turn life’s chapters into your profit narrative.
  • Elevate others with your story and elevate your earnings.
  • Your story’s echo can inspire change and channel profits.

3: The “Leap of Faith” Angle

* Sales Hook: “Hesitation Could Cost You a Life-Changing Opportunity – Take the Leap and Watch Miracles Unfold!”

* Angle: By overcoming fear and embracing opportunities, women can unlock doors to not only personal but also financial growth.

* Big Idea: A tailored approach to coaching, which focuses on overcoming personal hesitations and embracing one’s brilliance to achieve financial freedom.

Affiliate Copy Suggestion:
“Life’s biggest regrets are often chances not taken. Don’t let fear rob you of a life-changing opportunity. Break free, embrace your brilliance, and watch as the doors to success fling wide open. Start your journey today!”

Short Headlines:

  • Leap Towards Miraculous Growth!
  • Don’t Hesitate, ELEVATE!
  • Leap, Live, Earn Big!
  • Break Chains, Reap Gains!
  • Success Awaits. Take the Leap!

Long Headlines:

  • Your Leap of Faith is One Step from Greatness!
  • Ditch Fears, Embrace Opportunities, and Prosper!
  • Your Financial Breakthrough Just a Leap Away!
  • Discover the Power of Embracing Chances Fully!
  • Take Risks, Trust Yourself, and Achieve Freedom!

Bullet List of Benefits:

  • Overcome personal barriers to success while helping others.
  • Craft your unique path to financial freedom on your own time.
  • Learn the strategies of risk-reward success.
  • Transform fears into growth opportunities.
  • Embrace chances with proven, strategic approaches.


  • Overcome fear, embrace brilliance, and unlock doors to immense success.
  • Seize chances, transform fears, and craft your success story.
  • Leap beyond boundaries, and land on success’s doorstep.
  • Harness courage, welcome risks, and witness growth unfold.

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