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Email 1 has the most data and best results, and we suggest you start with it.

However, you may want to test a few of these emails and see which performs best with your audience.

EMAIL 1 – Make 10k/month


How women are making 10k/month with this fulfilling side business


Message Preheader:

Would you want to make an extra few thousand dollars a month doing something that helps others?


Message Text  – Make sure you review all highlighted sections

Hey, it’s [EXPERT NAME].

 I just wanted to pass this along in case you or anyone you know might find this video from Kamila to be helpful.

==> How women are making 10k/month with this fulfilling side business  [Link your commission link here] 

 Working from home has become fairly common these days and I think a lot of people would be interested in making an extra few thousand dollars a month on the side.

Especially when it’s something you can feel good about. 

 Now, I give relationship advice, not financial advice. [need to personalize this line to your market / niche]

But I know Kamila and have also looked into her method…and this is something I would recommend to friends and family who might be interested. 

Because making the income you need is important. But finding a sense of purpose and fulfillment can also play a big factor in your overall happiness and wellbeing. 

 And I think that’s what makes Kamila’s method special and worth sharing with you. 

In this short video she’ll show you how she makes $10k a month and how you can do it with zero experience.

And she’s not the only one. Becca used this method to triple her income and quit her day job. 

And Beverly just hit her first $19k in one month.

Yet these women didn’t have any prior experience or special qualifications.

All they did was put in the required effort, time and practice to get really good at the method Kamila shares in this video:

 ==> How Women Are Making 10k/Month With This Fulfilling Side Business  [Link your commission link here] 

If you’re interested, I highly recommend checking it out.

 Wishing you the best,

[Put your expert name here]

Email 2 — The Life You Deserve


Primary Goal: Peak interest, so the reader clicks the link to the Called To Coach program.

Secondary Goal: To make the audience feel loved, supported and part of the community on this email list. If they don’t click/buy, they’ll stay subscribed to receive more endorphin producing content from the email list and click/buy in the future.

Angle: This is the life you deserve, because you’re special (and this is why)


Subject Lines:

 The life you deserve, FIRSTNAME

 Follow your heart, FIRSTNAME

 You’re special, FIRSTNAME

 I know what makes you special, FIRSTNAME

 Grateful for you, FIRSTNAME


Message Preheader:

And don’t let anyone (even yourself) tell you otherwise…

💌 Sharing the love, because you deserve it… 

💌 Dropping some love in your inbox, because you deserve it…

💌 You deserve this email today, so take time to read it…

💌 Messages of affection enclosed especially for you… 


Message Text  – Make sure you review all highlighted sections

 Hey, it’s [EXPERT NAME], and I want to start by saying THANK YOU for being here (…and reading this).

 Because, you, FIRSTNAME, are the reason I started this email list in the first place.

 I wanted to help women like you, women with love to give, become irresistible to the man of your dreams.

 But it’s more than that, isn’t it?

 Although it’s a big part of who you are, you are more than your relationship.

 The way I see it, it all comes down to one thing…

 You desire to live a happier, more fulfilled life, FIRSTNAME, and that’s what makes you so special.

 You might not know this, but I often talk about how proud I am of each and every one of you to the people in my life.

 When I told my friend Kamila about you, she was blown away… 

 Not only by your commitment to becoming better, but also by your desire to be happy.

 Because the truth is, that many years ago, Kamila would probably have been on this list too…

 She was loving, caring and kind hearted too, but I know she was also stressed out.

 Like many of you reading this, she didn’t know how stressed she was, because it had become “normal” in her life.

 It wasn’t until she had a horrific near-death experience that she woke up to the possibility of her life being different…

 She woke up to the possibility of being happy in her life.

 A life she loved living, all the time.

 Fast forward to now, and Kamila is a woman who’s living a safe, happy and loving life. 

 She doesn’t have a super stressful job weighing her down…

 In fact, she has the opposite — a career she loves that fills her with joy and happiness every single day.

 This is the life you deserve too, FIRSTNAME

 A life where you’re as happy in your relationship as you are with your boss. 

 Now I’m not suggesting you get as intimate with your boss as your loved one.…

 But you deserve a boss —

 Who doesn’t get in between you and your loved one by texting on the weekend, giving you ridiculous amounts of unpaid overtime, or the dreaded “work to take home”…

 And I know it’s possible, because Kamila has done it. [LINK HOPLINK HERE]

 She followed her heart to a life she loves.

 Not just a happy love life, but in all the other moments of her life.

 I’m amazed by what Kamila has built, and the fact that she’s discovered the formula for how women exactly like you can do what she’s doing too is incredible

 I’m honored that she’s extended an invite to everyone on this list to learn what she’s discovered.

 This is it — how to live the life you deserve [LINK HOPLINK HERE]

 I know she doesn’t share this secret with everyone… 

 So a huge thank you to Kamila for allowing us into her inner circle.

 FIRSTNAME, I’m SO excited for you to discover it for yourself.

 Follow your heart, FIRSTNAME



Always on your side,


P.S. When I started writing this email, I wanted to show appreciation that you’re here. To give something back to help you improve your life 

And it’s ended up being something of a long letter (I hope you don’t mind, FIRSTNAME).

Email 3 — Unique Purpose


Primary Goal: Peak interest, so the reader clicks the link to the Called To Coach program.

Secondary Goal: Give the reader an insight into what their life could look like. Even if they don’t buy/click, they feel this newsletter “gets them” and continues to be subscribed for more motivational emails in the future. 

Angle: You need to unlock your unique purpose


Subject Lines:

 Don’t sleep on this

 Stop sleepwalking through life

 Stop sleepwalking

 The truth about life 

 Live your life the right way


Message Preheader:

🔓 Unlock your true life purpose inside this email…

🔓 Unlock your unique purpose inside…

😓You’re doing it wrong (life, that is)…

🥺 We spend 25% of our lives making ourselves miserable…

🥺 Don’t spend nearly half your life being miserable…


Message Text  – Make sure you review all highlighted sections


Hey, [EXPERT NAME] here.

 I’m sure you’ve heard of this expression…

 If you love what you do, you never work a day in your life. 

 I think of it slightly differently… 

 If you love what you do, you’ll love all the things in your life too,

 Because here’s the truth as I see it…

 We’re not on this earth to be unhappy. 

 So many women already know this, and if you don’t already know it FIRSTNAME

 Know that you deserve to be happy.

 The way I see it, if you spend 25% of your life doing something…

 It should make you happy, right?

 Well, I hate to break it to you, but many of us do spend 25% of our lives doing something that makes us unhappy… no, more than that, utterly MISERABLE.

 Can you guess what it is?

 Yep, I’m talking about your professional career, your job, what-you-do-to-pay-the-bills.

 Whatever you call it, most people spend around 25% of their lives working.

 And then there’s stress about work, complaining about your boss, commuting, unpaid overtime…

 No wonder we’re all stressed out.

 You’re doing it wrong… life that is.

 What if there was another way?

 A way to stop hating your life, and start loving it instead

 A way to unlock your unique purpose that allows you to live stress-free

 A way to do life right (you know, in a way that makes you HAPPY)

 Like I said earlier, I truly believe that if you love what you do, you’ll love all the things in your life more

 Sounds dreamy, right?

 What if I told you that you could make that dream a reality?

 Yep, I’m serious.

 You could unlock your unique purpose in life, [LINK HOPLINK HERE]

 And finally, love what you do.

 The kind of love that improves the rest of your life…

 And nows the time to start loving your life, FIRSTNAME.

 So check out this video that explains how some women are making this a true reality. [LINK HOPLINK ABOVE]

 And thanks again for everything, I’m wishing you the very best!



P.S. Sometimes it’s about him, but this time it’s about you, FIRSTNAME. Show yourself some love by making yourself happy in all the other moments in your life. [ LINK HOPLINK HERE ]

Email 4 — Red Flags


Target: This is designed for an audience interested in relationships.

Primary Goal: Peak interest, so the reader clicks the link to the Called To Coach program.

Secondary Goal: Inform your audience of potential red flags in their relationship. Even if they don’t click/buy, they will be aware of these red flags, and they may return to this email to click/buy if they see those red flags pop up in the future.

Angle: The 3 red flags that tell you he’s unhappy, and how to avoid/fix/get rid of them


Subject Lines:

 Spotted these red flags? 🚩

 Avoid these 3 red flags 🚩

 3 red flags to avoid 🚩

 Eliminate these red flags 🚩

 PSA: Don’t fall prey to these 🚩


Message Preheader:

Don’t let these ruin your relationship…

If you’ve seen them, chances are he has too…

They might surprise you…

You need to know these red flags…

I don’t want to see your love life fail…


Message Text  – Make sure you review all highlighted sections


 In dating, we often talk about red flags.

 Like: “Is he rude to waiters?” (red flag).

 But these are the red flags you might not have heard of that actually have the biggest impact on your relationship.

 If your partner says “I’d love to spend more time together… just the two of us”. Red flag 🚩

 If you catch your partner looking at photos of getaway destinations that you keep meaning to go to, but never have the time (or frankly, the money). Red flag 🚩

 If he muses that he “misses what you had when you started dating”, whether that’s the romance, the intimacy, or just the conversations. Red flag 🚩

 Do you know what all these red flags have in common?

 They’re red flags that YOU are putting out…

 Not your partner… you.

 And I’m telling you this, with love in my heart, because I want to see you succeed in your love life.

 But time and time again, I see women exactly like you neglecting their relationships. Wondering where the cracks (and red flags) are coming from.

 This is a bit of tough love, FIRSTNAME, but I know you can handle it.

 Think about it this way…

 If you are SO busy with your job (yep, the one that stresses you out to no end), how will you have ANY time for your loved one, let alone MEANINGFUL time?

 If you’re constantly in a mode of “getting by”, simply trying to survive, how can your relationship flourish and thrive?

 All good relationships need time put into them.

 And wouldn’t it be nice if you didn’t have to worry about money anymore?

 Don’t let those red flags ruin your relationship, FIRSTNAME

 Eliminate the red flags with this life hack from my friend Kamila [LINK HOPLINK HERE]

 Always on your side,


P.S. Kamila was in your shoes once, so I urge you to watch her story.  [LINK HOPLINK HERE]

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