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You’ll learn how to talk about your coaching services and how to structure your coaching offer. And that translates to earning more money per hour while spending less time looking for clients.

You already have access to the high-level strategy that works. But now I’d like to share the actual templates I use to bring those strategies to life.

Six Figure Success Bundle


Discover The Exact Sales Strategies & Client Attraction Templates For Six Figure Success

In this Success Bundle, I share my best-practice money methods that have helped me generate over a million dollars in sales in my coaching business (so you can use my best ideas!)

Not all coaches reach a sustainable six figures of income, and it's usually because they're not attracting the opportunities that pay well.

If you're still struggling with reaching sustainable six figures in business, it's probably because you're not attracting the sales you need.

Truth bomb: You can't grow a business without a way to generate a flow of leads AND sales.

  • Maybe you're getting on a lot of great conversations but just keep hearing NO
  • Maybe you have no clue how to get into sales conversations with people you're not already friends with
  • Maybe you haven't gotten your first few paying clients yet,have no idea how to actually make an offer.
  • Maybe you've tried to pitch your offers to people, but each time you just felt weird and pushy about it
  • And you've probably been wanting to grow your income in a consistent way, but it seems like opportunities are just slipping through your fingers - and you're struggling to turn it around.

I started my coaching business in 2014 and in that time I've made a lot of mistakes, but also had some awesome successes.

I was NOT a natural salesperson, but I absolutely loved the work I did. I knew if I was going to grow and quit my 9-5 job (non-negotiable), I'd have to get uncomfortable and learn skills I didn't already know.

I probably spent around $200K in coaching and education in the last several years, and I've been soaking up all the skills, knowledge, and insights - while using them on my own business to help me grow.

In that time, I also noticed that most coaches and experts loveeee to overcomplicate sales and marketing to the max! There is so much BS information out there that's probably caused you a lot of overwhelm, confusion, and frustration - am I right?

I've been able to laser in and refine my own methodology that has served me so incredibly well. And because of it, not only have I been able to generate over a million dollars of sales in my coaching business in those five years, but I've also helped dozens of clients reach their six figure successes, too, so they can live life on their own terms as well.

If you're ready fast-forward your success by stealing my process for enrolling clients into my programs and offers (without the painful trial-and-error), keep reading.

Introducing my... Six Figure Sales Success Bundle

Get instant access to this bundle to help you skyrocket your business faster!

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🥳 Six Figure Sales Success Masterclass

Get access to this special Success Masterclass where I'll share with you the process for creating six figures in business as a coach, service provider, healer, or course creator.

In this EXCLUSIVE never-before-seen masterclass, you will discover how to structure your business for multiple six figure success, how to refine your offers, and take the RIGHT action to get you to your next goals in half the time...

It's time to simplify things, focus on the right activities, and get into ACTION! Are you ready?

You Also Get These Bonuses:

Training: How To Create Hot-Selling Offers

Discover my process for creating offers and packages that make people want to say HELL YES - and best of all? You don't need to create any modules, sales pages, or anything to SELL them. You'll discover WHAT exactly you need to sell - and how to structure them.

Template: My Personal Money Tracking Sheets

If you ignore the money, the money will ignore you. On the other hand, when you focus on it in a loving and intentional way, it will grow. I show you my personal money tracking sheet I use so you can implement them too in your business (and see it grow!). Time to manifest that money, honey!

Sales Call Tracking And Follow Up Sheet

Most people don't track things and they don't know if their launches or enrollment periods are really successful of not. I'll show you how to start tracking your sales calls, when to follow up, and more.

High-Converting Sales Call Structure & Script

This is a video taken directly out of my Impact Incubator program, where I will walk you through a simple structure that I host ALL of my sales calls with (and how you can adapt it to fit your own needs!)



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Masterclass ( 1h 33m 40s )


How to take payments online in your business

How to create a client ONBOARDING process (to RETAIN clients longer!)

How to SCHEDULE APPOINTMENTS with clients and prospects (for coaching and SALES!)


Creating Offers That Sell Like Hotcakes ( 10 mins )

My Personal Money Tracking Sheet

Sales Call Tracking And Follow Up Sheet

Sales Call Structure & Script ( 24 mins )

100% Money Back Guarantee

If within 60 days, you're not absolutely ecstatic with the results you're getting with this product for any reason at all, just email me to let me know and you'll receive a quick and courteous refund of your entire investment right away.

Meet Your Teacher

Kamila Gornia, the founder of Heart Behind Hustle®, is the powerhouse business + marketing strategist for impact-driven entrepreneurs who are ready to skyrocket their income and impact online while staying in alignment with their vision, values, and personality. She has a proven track record of helping dozens of clients reach $10k-$30k/mo and she's excited to help you do the same. Kamila has been seen on Forbes,, Inc., Huffington Post, and several others.

100% Money Back Guarantee

If within 60 days, you're not absolutely ecstatic with the results you're getting with this product for any reason at all, just email me to let me know and you'll receive a quick and courteous refund of your entire investment right away.

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